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Little Ariel


Back in 2021, following the success of the tribute video to the 30th anniversary of Disney's The little Mermaid on her socials, Lexie received many requests to make this happen again and play the most famous of redhead mermaids one more time. Her Ariel silicone tail had been sold, so she decided to make a new iridescent hybrid version (sequins + silicone), and that's how the new Little Ariel fin, little sister of the silicone Ariel fin, was created, taking on the shades of green that everyone knows. And Lexie decided to keep this new tail a secret until the release of Disney's new live-action, "The Little Mermaid." A great way to celebrate this new movie!

Little Ariel is available for Lexie Mermaid's performances.

ARIEL in Real Life | PART OF YOUR WORLD epic | Disney The Little Mermaid 1989 tribute | Live Action
It's time to SHELLEBRATE !! 🐚 The new Disney live action "The Little Mermaid" starring the beautiful Halle Bailey is out in theaters today, May 24th, in France and Belgium and I'm so excited to discover this new vision of one of my favorite childhood movies ! And to celebrate the event, we created (again because we love it) our tribute to the original 1989 movie, the one I grew up with 🧜‍♀️ What a beautiful feeling to know that people will now grow up (and old) with two beautiful versions of Ariel ✨ I immediately fell in love with this beautiful epic cover of "Part of your World" by @FrostudioChambersonic , always give me chills ! Please give them love ! Hope you guys will love this project 🥰 . 🧜‍♀️ @LexieMermaid 🎥 @SimeonJanssens 🎶 @@FrostudioChambersonic 📍 Todi . #ariel #thelittlemermaid #lapetitesirene #lasirenita #lasirenetta #dekleinemeerjungfrau #denlillehavfrue #pienimerenneito #liveaction #mermaid #sirene #sirena #sereia #zeemermin #mermaidtail #handmade #professionalmermaid #mermaidperformer #sireneprofessionnelle #reveal #magic #fantasy #underwater #love #life #happiness . Mon univers de #sirène par ici 🧜‍♀️ : Site : Facebook : Instagram : Youtube : TikTok : . Vidéo et montage : Siméon Janssens ( ) Chaîne Youtube : Facebook : Instagram : . Musique : @FrostudioChambersonic Spotify : Apple Music : Amazon Music : Tidal : Deezer :
ARIEL in Real Life | Disney's The Little Mermaid | FATHOMS BELOW | Live Action - 1989 tribute
I’m so proud and happy to introduce to you my « Little Ariel » mermaid tail inspired by the original 1989 Ariel on the beautiful epic cover of "Fathoms Below" by @LOrchestraCinematique. I thought it was the perfect time for shellebrating the new Disney live action movie starring the so talented Halle Bailey ✨ I just can’t wait to see her performance !! 🤍 And also, I’ve been wanting to do a special video with this amazing version of « Fathoms Below » performed by @LOrchestraCinematique , which I think is my favorite version from far, since a while ! I’ve also been waiting so much for the moment when I would finally be able to introduce that tail to you ✨ so please give love to this new version of the most famous of the mermaid tails 🧜‍♀️. 🧜‍♀️ @LexieMermaid 🎥 @SimeonJanssens 🎶 @LOrchestraCinematique 📍 Todi . #ariel #thelittlemermaid #lapetitesirene #lasirenita #lasirenetta #dekleinemeerjungfrau #denlillehavfrue #pienimerenneito #liveaction #mermaid #sirene #sirena #sereia #zeemermin #mermaidtail #handmade #professionalmermaid #mermaidperformer #sireneprofessionnelle #reveal #magic #fantasy #underwater #love #life #happiness . Mon univers de #sirène par ici 🧜‍♀️ : Site : Facebook : Instagram : Youtube : TikTok : . Vidéo et montage : @SimeonJanssens ( ) Chaîne Youtube : Facebook : Instagram : . Musique : @LOrchestraCinematique Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: autres liens :
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