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At the end of February 2022, after learning that she was going to perform again in the beautiful aquarium of Planet Ocean Montpellier , Lexie decided to create a new hybrid tail, smaller and lighter than Lunea . Celine and Lexie created a new fluke shape for Odycea Studios , and Lunera is the first of this kind.

The name "Lunera" is a compendium of the words "Luna" and "Nera" which mean "Black Moon". The black moon is a relatively rare phenomenon : it is a new moon (a night when the moon is therefore not visible) which lasts several days. In opposition to the colors of her "sister" Lunea which is inspired by the sparkling moon, Lunera is an ode to the dark starry night.

Lunera is available for Lexie Mermaid's performances.

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