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Dive in the underwater world of Lexie Mermaid, professional mermaid since 2016. Based in Lille, in the North of France, she has made it her mission to bring a touch of the extraordinary to her daily life and in people's eyes during her performances.
Crazy about he marine world, fairyttales and legends since since she was a litle girl, she turned her childhood dream into a reality and she loves to share with you today.
Let yourself be transported by Lexie into the amazing world of a real life mermaid, follow her adventures and discover the oceans legends and secrets.

"What is a childhood dream? For me, it is the purest and most true expression of the things we love,
without any limit except the ones from our imagination. AWhatever it is, we can create it as long as it's us.
What we love as a child will always be with us. It's up to us to listen to this little spark
which manifests itself during our moments of wonder, the one that creates this
indefinable feeling in our belly and which touches us so strongly.

When I was a child, as soon as I was in the water, for me it was a fact: I WAS A MERMAID.
I was just missing my fin and my scales.

I decided to listen to this little spark which was giving me those special vibes
and my dream of yesterday has become my reality.
And this reality, it is so much more beautiful and so gratifying
since you joined it.

Today my dream has become my job, and my job is to make you dream.
My name is Lexie Mermaid and I'm a professional mermaid."

Lexie Mermaid

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