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Back in 2021, in keeping with the memraid tribute videos project, Lexie wanted to recreate the scene of the Lagoon Mermaids from the Disney movie "Peter Pan". She decided to contact some of the best French cosplayers and set up the "Mermaid Lagoon" project. Each of them were assigned to one of the six mermaids. The neoprene and silicone bases of each fin were supplied by Odycea Studios along with the material and scales that each mermaid sewed by hand.

It was in September 2022 that the mermaids team was able to shoot this magnificent project in Corsica.

Having been assigned to the mermaid Atlanteia, Lexie decided to give this name to her tail. Its shape is inspired by the Lagoon Mermaids tails and its sparkling and transparent colors remind us an enchanted universe specific to Neverland.

Atlanteia is available for Lexie Mermaid services.

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